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人人癒和 -Hito hito you wa-  

People heal and harmonize with each other

Interactional care and harmony with each people.

Make as much people as possible to live the IKIGAI life.

Interactional care and harmony with each people.
Make as much people as possible to live the IKIGAI life.

In addition to providing medical care as a brain and spinal cord surgery clinic, HITO HITO HEALTHCARE CLINIC will continue to work together with local residents as a human and community care clinic that approaches the issue from the perspective of back pain and stiff shoulders.


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Regardless of age, gender, or nationality.

At Hitohito Healthcare Clinic, we treat patients regardless of age, gender, or nationality.
To accommodate multinationals, we have English-speaking staff and use 'PokeTalk' for other languages.


help you with your occupation-related concerns.

We can also help with stiff shoulders, headaches, and lower back pain if you work at a desk or stand up.


Equipped with MRI for same-day imaging

If an MRI scan is determined to be necessary after the patient is examined, an MRI scan can be performed immediately, so there is no need to return to the hospital for an MRI scan.
*You may have to wait or come back to the clinic depending on the availability of the appointment on that day.


'HITOCARE' improves the purpose of life.

'HITOCARE' is not only a medical and drug treatment program, but also a program to experience the unique people and social activities of the community with you in order to enrich your life and enhance your sense of fulfillment.


中村 一仁 Kazuhito Nakamura


Hello. My name is Kazuhito Nakamura, and I am the director of the hospital.
I have more than 20 years of experience in general stroke and cerebrospinal peripheral neurosurgery and about 4,000 surgeries at the Osaka City General Medical Center, a highly acute care facility, and Hoshokai Murata Hospital, a neurosurgical hospital.

 Until a few years ago, I was unaware of how patients were living their daily lives and what was preventing them from leading healthy lives. When I began to think about these issues, I happened to learn about people in Ikuno Ward who were engaged in community development activities and community support. Through conversations with many local people, I came to realize that the health of local people is protected by "a town where people can interact with each other," "a life worth living," and "people who make the town colorful. As I became more involved in local activities, this feeling became stronger and stronger.

I would like to contribute to the development of an organic community that delivers preventive medicine to the citizens, efficiently provides new and highly accurate tests and treatments, practices compassionate and reliable services, supports each other so that people do not lose their way in nursing care, weaves a community where people can live fulfilling lives through human connections, and increases the number of "people who lead rich and colorful lives. I decided to open the clinic with this in mind. It is from this desire that I decided to open the clinic.

I will deal with you with sincerity as a human being,
I am a doctor before I am a surgeon.

Under the motto "as a doctor before being a surgeon, and as a human being before being a physician," we hope to "help enrich your life" by providing easy consultation, honest and easy-to-understand explanations, safe and reliable treatment, and compassionate aftercare.


Do you accept credit cards?

It can only be used for medical treatment without insurance.

What do I need for an MRI?

There is nothing required, but you will need to remove any metal objects, poultices, dentures, etc.
We will also provide you with a change of clothes.

Can I drive there?

Since our clinic is located in a shopping arcade, it is not possible to drive to the front of the clinic, so we ask that you park at the parking lot in front of the station and come to the clinic.

Can I park my bicycle?

If you park your bicycle in front of the clinic, please park it at the bicycle parking lot in front of the station, as it obstructs the traffic in the shopping area.

Can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made by phone or online.
*Only initial appointments can be reserved online.
Reservations for follow-up visits can be made by phone.

Please feel free to make a reservation or contact us for more information.

1-2-6 Katsuyama-kita, Ikuno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 544-0033
Access :
1 minute walk from JR Momodani Station/In the shopping arcade in front of Momodani Station

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